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Janet Dowd: Music

Dingle Bay

(Janet Dowd)
February 1, 2010

On one of our many trips to Co.Kerry, we first heard our friend Geraldine Flannery sing Dingle Bay and I have to say, we were blown away. She had learnt this song from her father Jimmy and it goes back many years. They kindly gave us the lyrics and the rest is history. 



The sun is sinking t'ward the westward

The fleet is leaving Dingle shore

Their brown sails glisten in the sunset

As they reach the fishing ground near Skellig Mor

All through the night the men toil until daybreak

While at home their wives and sweethearts kneel and pray

That God will guide them and protect them

And send them safely back from Dingle Bay


I see the green Isle of Valencia

I mind the caves around Loch Ce

With the gannets swinging with abandon

As they mark the silver shoal that comes their way

I also see a ship on the horizon

She is sailing for a land so far away

And on board, her exiles feeling lonely

As they wave a fond farewell to Dingle Bay


Now years have passed since I came westward

And father time has left me grey

As I sit and muse about my childhood

And the happy days I spent in Dingle Bay

In memory too I see the hill at Brandon

And the Isle of Inis Mor seems far away

But I'm always longing for my homeland

And the little shack I left near Dingle Bay