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Janet Dowd: Music

Wayfaring Stranger

(Janet Dowd)
February 1, 2010

Wayfaring Stranger is an old American folk song which in this instance, has been given the 'Seeger Sessions' treatment. John Giffin and Tom Watson of 'In the Shade Studios' Markethill,  worked night and day to make this version a massive track to finish off the album. Incidently, they're both on the Grecian 2000 ever since. Cheers lads!!!! It was certainly worth the effort and grey hair makes you look more sophisticated and intelligent.

J x



I’m just a poor Wayfaring Stranger

Travelling through this world of woe

There’s no sickness, toil or danger

In that bright land to which I go


I’m going there to see my father

Going there, no more to roam

I’m just going over Jordan, I’m just going over home


Dark clouds will gather round me

I know my way is hard and steep

Beautiful fields lie just before me

Where God redeems there viduals keep


I’m going there to see my mamma

Said she’d meet me when I come

I’m just goin’ over Jordan

I’m just goin’ over home

 I’m just goin’ over home

I’m just goin’ over home