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Janet Dowd: News

NUMBER 1 AGAIN!!! - June 1, 2017



I'm beside myself with excitement and still can't quite believe it but it's true...'HOME' is Number 1 in Irish Music Magazine's Top 10 Folk Albums (Belfast region).

All 3 of my albums have now been in this privileged position..sooo thrilled and sooo thankful to all the fabulous musicians and singers who helped to make it happen. In particular, the magnificent Donogh Hennessy who put his heart and soul into producing, mixing and playing on it.

Also huge thanks to Joe Gilmartin at Premier Record Stores for his ongoing support of all local music...and last but not least, to all you lovely people for buying it and coming to our gigs. 


BELFAST 89FM - May 14, 2017


Huge thanks to Mike Gaston for inviting me on to his fab show to have a chat about the new CD and for playing some of the tracks. Enjoyed every minute!

YOUR PLACE & MINE - April 29, 2017


What a pleasure to have the very lovely Anne Marie McAleese visit our house to have a chat about my new album 'HOME'. We had a bit of a wander around the garden in the glorious sunshine, having a good soul blather and plenty of craic. The interview will be aired in a couple of weeks and I'm just delighted to be part of her show which is always well worth a listen.

Don't forget to tune in!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - January 1, 2017

From our house to yours...wishing you all a very Happy New Year!


UP THE DUFF! - December 26, 2016

No Boxing Day would be complete without a trip to the Dufferin Arms in Killyleagh for a singsong and a bit of craic with our friends. And as usual, the chief himself, Charlie is at the helm..


Tracey, Stevie and Elaine chilling and letting the brussel sprouts go down.


Denver is a very happy man since Steph agreed to marry him.


Me and Sharon in the good clothes.


And the mysterious disappearance of fiddle players Clodagh & Cairan...gone to the bar I suspect..


HAPPY CHRISTMAS! - December 25, 2016

Happy Christmas everyone...wishing you all a fab festive season.

Hope Santa is good to you all...x


WOOOOHOOOO! - October 3, 2016

Beyond excited to have these two AMAZING people play on the new CD..

Hothouse Flowers very own Martin Brunsden on Double Bass..


And the beautiful haunting harmonies of Dingles own Pauline Scanlon. Check out her new album 'Gossamer'...totally fab!


and to top it off, Donogh has had a fine string quartet in too...sounding AMAZING so far! 


Another hugely successful night at the Chanters & Strummers 2nd concert in Tandragee Golf Club. The audience were treated to a packed show...

Harald Welling

Never Too Late

Shades of Blue

 Janet Dowd

The Tennessee Hennesses

Mons Wheeler Band


What  talented bunch!!!


Congratulations to Denver, Mel, Steph, Sharon & Lawrence for all their hard work.

Here's to the next one!

CLONAKILTY, CORK - September 12, 2016

Back to the bottom of Ireland to visit our friends, Rosie and Gordon for a song or two in the beautiful town of Clonakilty in Co.Cork.


There was even time for a spot of sunbathing on Alfie's favourite beach at Inchadoney.


And also some retail therapy...


BACK TO DINGLE! - August 30, 2016

Off I go again to Dingle but this time with 2 very fabulous musicians who are going to work their magic on the new CD


Our mate Tom Leary (Lindisfarne & Feast of Fiddles) playing some mean fiddle...


and our very own Brendan Goff playing some pretty fine piano...


And not forgetting the magnificent knob twiddling by the main man himself Donogh Hennessy.


Big thanks also to Stephen and his half dog/half donkey Seamus for looking after us so well...


Here's Seamus sneaking towards the breakfast table pretending not to be interested...sure you'd hardly even notice him.


And so it's goodbye to Dingle for another wee while....cheers Donogh!


NEW ALBUM UPDATE - July 11, 2016

Back again in beautiful Dingle, Co.Kerry to do some more work on the new album with Donogh Hennessy.

Delighted to say that the vocals are finished and awaiting some more fine musicians to do their magic.

Even had time to have the craic with this mad lot.. 


Everyone knows, you can never have enough singing, so it was a real pleasure to join Donogh Hennessy and Pauline Scanlon in the Courthouse Bar, Dingle for some songs and a wee beverage or two.


And lastly, no trip to Dingle would be complete without a visit to this gorgeous fella..Fungie the Dingle Dolphin..


FOX'S BAR - May 7, 2016


Another mad night in Fox's Bar with the Loooorgan Clan. Plenty of fab music, craic and delicious grub from our hosts, Ann Marie and Peter. Wee Alfie had fun too...he just loves Bluegrass!!!




It's the first ever concert for the Chanters & Strummers who meet every two weeks to sing, play music and tell the odd yarn or two. 

The tickets have flown and the concert is now sold out! There will be another one towards the end of the year so I'll keep y'all posted!

If anyone would like to join the group, just give me a shout and I'll give you all the details..all welcome!

15 Minutes of Fame! - April 25, 2016


Delighted to spend the day with Emma and Terry from Irish TV recording a feature on my new single release, The Band Played Sweet Marie' written by my good friend Reg Meuross. The song tells the story of Wallace Hartley, the band leader on the Titanic and his fiancee Maria Robinson. It will air on Sky TV in a few weeks on Armagh County Matters. Thanks to the guys for this fab opportunity...we had some days craic and our wee Alfie was the star of the show, running round the garden like an eejit. He definitely stole my thunder..


BUDDING STARS! - April 23, 2016


So proud of all our pupils at Tyrone School of Music who performed live today for BBC Radio Ulster. The recording will be broadcast on 'Your place and mine' presented by the fabulous Anne Marie McAleese.

You guys ROCK!!!

GROUCHOS - April 21, 2016


Great night at the Chanters & Strummers monthly gathering in Grouchos, Richhill. Plenty of songs, music and oul yarns..

NEW ALBUM!! - March 28, 2016



Recording has officially begun on my new album with this amazing fella and musician, Donogh Hennessy. Based in Dingle, Co.Kerry, Donogh's studio is a bit of a trek from our home in Co.Armagh but well worth the trip. 

Down this time to make a start on the vocal and guitar tracks...wish us luck!


Had a bit of help with the vocals...our wee Alfie is taking after his mammy...awwww...


And of course lots of moral support from my other half, making the dinner, walking the dog, filling my glass etc etc etc..


So these few days have put a fair dent in the vocals and I couldn't be happier.

Thanks to Donogh and Laura for their hospitality, hard work and craic! Looking forward to the next trip already!


But the biggest news of all was Alfie's holiday romance with the very handsome Walt Hennessy...'Love is in the air'...


HAPPY ST.PATRICKS DAY! - March 17, 2016

Wishing you all a very happy fun filled St.Patricks Day!!


BBC RADIO ULSTER - March 15, 2016

Heading off today to do a radio interview with Anne Marie McAleese for her fab show 'Your place and mine' on BBC Radio Ulster. We will be chatting about my new single release, 'The Band Played Sweet Marie' tune in for some great banter, music and craic...x

NEW SINGLE! - February 29, 2016


Well here it new single release, 'The Band Played Sweet Marie' written by our good friend Reg Meuross. It tells the love story of the Titanics band leader Wallace Hartley and his fiancee Maria Robinson. She gave him a violin for their engagement present and when his body was recovered from the ocean after the ship sank, it was found strapped to his chest. A few years ago the violin was found in someones attic and after authentication, was sold at auction for £900,000!

It's available to buy (the single that is!) at Premier Records, Belfast, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby or email me and I will pop a copy in the post for you.

2 TODAY!! - February 18, 2016



Our wee man is 2 today ... the love of our lives

CELTIC CONNECTIONS - January 31, 2016


Back in Glasgow for another Celtic Connections Festival...not playing this time, just sheer enjoyment. My favourite part of the festival, the annual Transatlantic Sessions show and this year didn't disappoint. Unbelievable talent.

Fab aftershow party which we accidentally got locked into...look who I bumped into!


SHEDFEST 2016 - January 20, 2016


Our wee shed was bursting at the seams with 50+ music fans who were treated to a rockin evening of Bluegrass, Rockabilly and Folk. The magnificent Tennessee Hennesseys, Mons Wheeler and yours truly sang and played until the wee small hours. Thanks to all who came along...was a totally unforgettable night.

What do you think of my home made chandelier? Great use of a hula hoop and no exercise involved!

Here's a wee pic of Mons doing his thing..


Our very own Colin Henry...the Lean Mean Dobro Playing Machine!


OH NO 50! - January 19, 2016


Yes I know you'll find this hard to believe but today I have become the Big 50!

Iv'e decided to change my look to one more fitting to my mature years. I also thought I'd get rid of Mervyn and hook up with Iron Man, my new toy boy..they say life begins at 50..

Thanks to Nurse Ratched for the pic..x

THE MAESTRO AT WORK - January 16, 2016


Our very own Brendan Goff doing what he does best!

Recording is underway for my new single, 'The Band Played Sweet Marie' by our very talented friend Reg Meuross. Fab to be able to do this at my workplace, Tyrone School of Music and to have Frank McKernan, the main man at the school record and produce it. Watch this space!

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