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Janet Dowd: Photos

Recording at 'In the Shade Studios', Markethill

Patsy our Musical Director at work
Jonny enjoying the comfort of an exceptionally soft studio chair
Brendan, the one man orchestra being admired from afar by Patsy
Terrible quality photo but hopefully better singing by Janet
Merv tries to take over the recording process
John is proving that he's multi-talented as he plays the flute and operates the desk at the same time!
Trevor is very proud of his achievements on the day!
Merv furiously sucking a boiled sweet - you would think he would have dusted that cymbal!
Merv beats away the stresses of the day
Merv in deep concentration but still able to pose
Patsy lost in Banjoland
Tuning over and it's down to business
John is overcome with excitement as Pete is in final stages of tuning process